Sri Lanka’s One & Only DI Color Correction Suite DaVinci Resolve
in a 30 seated mini theatre with 5.1 sound

4K Color Grading Reference Monitor


4K Finish uses a hardware accelerated / real-time processing DaVinci Resolve grading system and we will optimize our workflow to provide you with the highest quality product, with the quickest results at the best price.

DCP Mastering

  • DCI DCP Mastering with encryption
  • DCP Duplicating
  • DCP Converting
  • Format conversion from virtually any source   material to Digital Cinema compliant SMPTE or InterOP DCP
  • Highest quality colorspace conversion and encoding from source material to the DCI-mandated XYZ colorspace Jpeg 2000 DCP
  • Full QC of the DCP in our theater
  • Features, trailers, short films and alternative content can be mastered
  • KDM generation and management
  • Full DaVinci Resolve Software
  • Realtime 41:15K Color Grading
  • Red Rocket and Nvidia CUDA powered4K Color Grading Reference Monitor
  • 20 feet calibrated projection
  • Color Grading is done in a theater environment
  • Calibrated to 35mm Cinevator prints
  • High Speed storage
  • Accept all RAW formats
  • Unlimited Node and power windows
  • Advanced Noise Reduction
  • Color Grading is done by a colorist who is experienced in color grading more than 30 films